The Business Broker Buyer Agent …. The Secret Big Corporations Have Used For Years –

The Business Broker Buyer Agent is not something that started yesterday. In fact, it has been around for more than 30 years. But the only ones who knew about it were big corporations who made huge purchases.business broker buyer agent

They knew they needed someone they could trust who would research every available business or property to see if they were suitable for their needs, dive into and discover the value of a business, and negotiate skillfully with the Seller and/or their Agent.

They needed their own representative that they knew would find the right property at the right price and protect their interests 100%. Hence, the Business Buyer Agent!

The only way to meet all these objectives was to employ their own Agent. A big corporation could afford to hire their own full time agent but up until the last 4 or 5 years the small business owner / buyer didn’t have that alternative. Now, you can have that same level of service at no extra expense! Take a tip from these corporations: Insist on having your own Agent to represent you!

There is a huge difference between an ordinary Agent who is acting as a Business Buyer Agent part time and a real, full time Business Broker Buyer Agent is 100% committed to serving only Buyer.

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Below is a video explaining what an Exclusive Buyer Agent does and how they help protect the buyer. The YouTube video below  is done for the residential real estate market but does a very good job explaining it.