I Am An Exclusive Agent –

I Guarantee To Deliver You 100% Loyalty To You, A Business Buyer 100% Of The Time!

Before buying a business you should interview several business brokers and ask all the agents you interview these questions:

  1. Do you spend 100% of your time representing Buyers?
    Yes I Do.
  2. Will you guarantee me that you will not be representing any seller at any time while you are working for me?
    Yes I Do.
  3. Do you, or the company you are with, ever list properties for sale?
  4. Will you point out all the negative aspects of each business and/or property as well as all the positive aspects so I will be fully informed when making my decision?
    Yes I Will.
  5. Will you provide information on comparable sales and help me formulate an offering price and negotiating strategy?
    Yes I Will.
  6. Do you have a list of lenders, inspectors, insurance agents and other professionals that you recommend?
    Yes I Do and I am more than happy to share it with you.
  7. Will you tell me everything you can find out about the seller and their reasons for selling?
    Yes I Will.
  8. Will you show me all the comparable businesses on the market that meet my needs, including For Sale By Owner, Distress Sales, Asset Sales, and others?
    Yes I Will.
  9. Will you guarantee that any information I give you will be kept confidential?
    Yes I Do.
  10. Will you guarantee me your undivided loyalty?
    Yes I Will.
  11. Will you guarantee me you will not try to change your relationship with me to “dual agency”, “designated agent”, transactional agent”, or any other form of agency that offers reduced levels of service?
    Yes I Will.
  12. Can you Guarantee me 100% loyalty 100% of the time?
    Yes I Will.

 Only an Exclusive Buyers Agent
Working in an Exclusive Buyer Agency
Can Answer “Yes!” to ALL of The Questions.

A little case history about Agents and Brokers – In the case of SNIDER v. OKLAHOMA REAL ESTATE COMMISSION, June 1, 1999 the Oklahoma Supreme Court said: “Sellers’ agents and dual agents do not and cannot by law give a buyer the same degree of loyalty as an agent who acts on behalf of a buyer. Sellers’ agents owe their allegiance to the seller.
Dual agency invites a conflict of interest. A buyer who relies on the seller’s agent or on dual agency does not receive the same degree of legal protection as that afforded by an agent acting solely on behalf of the buyer”.

An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent Acts Solely on Behalf of The Buyer.

They Work as a Buyer’s Broker And They Never Take Listings, So They Never Have Anything to “Sell” You But Their Specialized Knowledge And Expertise In Assisting Buyers.

Listing agents have listings to sell. I will not and can not try to “Sell” you a particular listing, because I don’t have any listings to sell. I Work With Buyers ONLY!

“Buy What You Want …. Instead of Having Someone Sell You Something”