About Paul

“I help and teach people how to buy businesses and operate them profitably”

Buying a business is not Childs play and there are a lot of moving parts.

I'm Always on the lookout for business opportunities - no matter where I go.

I’m Always on the lookout for business opportunities – no matter where I go.

After buying, starting and selling 13 business over the years for myself,
I became a business broker (business #14) and help experienced entrepreneurs buy businesses, and work with and teach people who want to be entrepreneurs how to buy businesses the right way.

12 0f the businesses I was involved in over the years were profitable, and one was a complete disaster.

I learned more from the disaster because I learned exactly what NOT to do. I call it an education I could not buy, but an education I had to pay for. It has made me a much better negotiator and business person. It also gave me incredible value as a teacher because I come from “in-the-trenches” knowledge.

I love the chase and negotiation process, so I only work on the buy side of the transactions.

As  buyers broker, I help buyers identify and negotiate business purchases, and I help, teach and tutor people who are interested in becoming business owners how to do it and what to do next. I also work with them as long as they want me to provide consulting support in getting the business operating at a level they require.

If you would like to learn more about how to buy businesses and see if my schedule allows me to take on another buyer client or student, >>Contact Me<< Via email at Paul@BizBuyerBroker.com