E2 Visa FAQ

We have recently partnered with Professional Business Brokers International who have agents in the United Kingdom because so many people are interested in coming to America and don’t know where to start, or what to do next.

PBBI has been in business for a number of years and have completed an enormous amount of successful business transactions.

Below is a list of the most commonly asked E2 Visa FAQ’s and answers provided to us from PBBI, and I want to thank and acknowledge them for it.

F.A.Q. for International Buyers

Question: Why should we contact an office in Europe if we want to buy a business in the US?
Answer : The PBBI International Office was established specifically for this purpose. We will be able to assist you better because we understand both European and American business mentality. We will guide you through all possible problems and misunderstandings. And because we are only dealing with the international buyers we can spend more time to your requests. US buyers we send to our Florida offices..

Question: How much money do I need to be able to buy a business in the US and to immigrate?Answer: You must have a minimum of $ 100.000 to meet the visa requirements.

Question: I read on several Internet sites different amounts, what is the reason for this?
Answer: There is no official amount set. The requirement reads that the investor is to invest a “significant” amount. That amount can be lower or higher, depending on the size company being purchased and is in direct relationship to the purchase price. Furthermore, INS will expect additional financial reserves in order to better ensure success. They will factor in moving and visa costs in addition to all of the business acquisition and setup costs.

Question: Buy a business or start a new one?
Answer: When you buy a business the chances to be rejected for a visa are much lower. And with an existing business you will make money from day one. With a new business it will take months (or even a year or more) before it generates sufficient income for a family.

Question: Can I get a loan for the purchase of a company?
Answer: A loan from a bank or other financial institution requires a credit history in the United States. If you have established credit within the USA and you are purchasing a business with a real estate component, you may be able to qualify for a conventional loan in the amount of 70% of the FMV of the Real Estate. Otherwise, it will take approximately 2 years of good credit history in the USA before a lender will accept your loan application. SBA Financing is no longer available to immigrants without a Green Card leaving financing through the Seller as generally the best option and the best terms.

Question: Is the earlier-mentioned $ 100.000 sufficient to buy a business and to meet the visa requirements?
Answer: Not usually. There are many criteria that USCIS will review in order to approve or reject an application. Along with the “significant” investment and the ability to provide jobs, the business must be capable of providing you with an income that will allow you and your family to live a lifestyle equivalent to that you enjoyed in your native country. In Florida, that can be as low as $40.000 to $50.000 per year. In general, to meet this requirement, you have to buy a business for $135.000 / $150.000 or more, depending on the type of business. Therefore, if you invest $100.000 the balance has to be financed (see question above). Furthermore, you also need money for the visa attorney, accountant for the due diligence, lawyer, deposits, etc. This averages between $10,000 and $15,000

Question: Can you offer business in the entire US?
Answer: Yes, because our offices are in Florida, we have direct access to more listings in Florida. However, we are able to offer businesses throughout the US by cooperating with brokers in those states.

Question: Do you charge a fee for your service?
Answer: In general not, but there are some exceptions.
Small businesses and for example businesses in an other State may require a fee.
We will be happy to give you all information upon request. Also, to ensure the buyer is serious about buying a business and moving to the US we are asking to place a deposit on our account. This money will be returned at the moment a business is purchased.

Question: What does PBBI offer us over other business brokers?
Answer: Most business brokers are not knowledgeable about immigration affairs and are not interested in working with international buyers. The lengthy process of Visa application discourages many brokers and sellers from working with international buyers. With 10 years of experience we have established procedures and relationships that will make your experience easier and with less risk. We work with you to find a business that will meet the visa requirements and help you with the entire process. Requirements for the application include tax returns from the business, business plan, financing (if necessary) etc.

Question: If you say that we meet the requirements, what are our chances of obtaining a visa?Answer: We closely examine both seller and buyer information and are in close contact with the visa attorney before a visa application is submitted. We have submitted all levels of difficulty and to date have a 100% success rate with approvals.

Question: Will my spouse be allowed to work outside of the company if we get a visa?
Answer: Yes, this is a recent change made by INS. However, the Investor cannot be a paid employee of another company.

Question: Do we have to buy the business if the visa is rejected?
Answer: No, we will protect you for this in the contract.

Question:We are working with an other broker and attorney and our visa is rejected (or other problems), can you help us?
Answer: No, you have to work this out with your broker or attorney. We can help you with a new business and new visa application but if you have problems with an other broker or attorney we can not help you.

If you in the European Continent and have additional E2 Visa FAQ’s, and are interested in learning more about buying a business in the USA, please visit PBBI here: http://www.pbbi.nl